Tinctures based on black pepper were made and valued through the ages because of their curative properties, primarily as digestives. Vodka Sieraków Pepper follows this folk tradition. It is manufactured from rye spirit with the addition of peppers and allspice macerates. The resulting liquid is transparent with note of green, intense and refreshing.

Tasting notes

Nose: at first, hints of freshly ground black pepper are noticeable in the nose, there follows a delicate scent of mint, allspice and bay leaf, when this vodka opens in the glass, aromas of Polish meadow herbs such as thyme, rosemary and juniper emerge along with a note of pine resin
Palate: peppery and intense with a slightly sweet but very spicy finish
Finish: spicy, herbal with a note of honey

Brand name: Sieraków Pepper | Volume: 0.7 litre | Alcohol content: 40%
Ingredients: Polish rye spirits, macerates of pepper, allspice, betony, garden angelica, cardamon, distillates of juniper, and honey syrup
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2015 Pepper International Wine & Spirit Competition in LondonBronze medal


International Wine & Spirit Competition in London
Bronze medal


2018 Pepper International Wine & Spirit Competition in LondonSilver medal


International Wine & Spirit Competition in London
Silver medal

Serving suggestion

we serve this vodka at room temperature in tulip-shaped glasses

Food pairing

with spices like juniper, fresh and dried herbs, or fatty dishes, this is a product that can be served before a meal as an aperitif, or after a meal as a digestive


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