The collection of vodka labelled "Sieraków Manor" is exceptional in many ways. Each one is handcrafted, which means that they are made in a much more sophisticated manner than mass-produced vodka. This process takes time, so production of Sieraków Manor vodkas is by nature limited. All products are made according to unique and registered recipes linked with the history of the manor...

Dwór Sieraków is located in the south of the country, near Kraków, the old capital of Poland.

The manor is one such estates where alcohol was traditionally distilled and where grain, fruit and herbs were grown. The production of Sieraków vodka follows this tradition.

Today, Sieraków Manor houses a luxury hotel, a gourmet restaurant and a spa, but in the past it was the home of the local landlord and his family.  Every old house has a legend, and this is Sieraków's...


Dwór Sieraków Superior is produced on the basis of an old recipe from the Lesser Poland region, associated with the Sieraków estate.

Palona Roast
Grain Vodka

Palona Roast Grain Vodka is manufactured from spirit produced from the highest quality roasted grains, and completed with the addition of caramel and macerated herbs.

Potato Kosher

This clear vodka is made from potato spirit, and is the result of much careful experimentation by the distillery master.


Tinctures based on black pepper were made and valued through the ages because of their curative properties, primarily as digestives.

Plum and Blackthorn

This vodka is slightly dry, subtle and complex. The product owes its name to the combination of plum distillate with macerate made of blackthorn and wild plum.


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