Rowanberry vodka (Jarzębiak) is a classic of southern Poland, produced using a recipe associated with the Sieraków estate. This popular flavoured vodka is based on wild rowanberries, harvested, frozen and dried then enriched with fruit distillates and natural linden honey. The colour is light amber with a delicate touch of red.

Tasting notes

Nose: intense rowanberry enriched with other fruits such as blackthorn, wild rose, dried tropical fruits and apricot with nuances of orange peel, honey, pear, chocolate and spices
Palate: at the beginning, the taste of sweet honey dominates the palate with a touch of bitterness
Finish: the long finish of this vodka combined with maturity and expressiveness demand that it is savoured slowly

Brand name: Sieraków Rowanberry | Volume: 0.5 litre 0.7 litre | Alcohol content: 40%
Ingredients: Polish rye spirit, distillates from wild rowanberries fruits, macerates from dried rowanberry, raisins, plum and cherries and linden honey
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Serving suggestion

in cognac or tulip-shape glasses at a temperature of 14–17°C

Food pairing

honey, cinnamon, cloves, orange zest, duck or goose meat, due to the health qualities of the ingredients, Jarzębiak vodka is a perfect digestive


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