This product harks back to the Polish tradition of ageing spirits in wooden barrels. The vodka is based on a blend of grain distillates, including rye, corn and malt barley aged 36 months in oak barrels, like Bourbon. It acquires a characteristic aroma of vanilla and a very pleasant light amber colour. This beverage for connoisseurs is produced in limited quantities because every new batch has different characteristics. The batch number is printed on the label. It is a product for those who like to play with the tastes and aromas of various ingredients.

Tasting notes

Nose: the nose includes noticeable fruit accents of apples and pears
Palate: round, slightly sweet and spicy
Finish: long and smooth with tobacco and caramel note

Brand name: Dwór Sieraków Barrel-finished limited edition | Volume: for EU market 0.7 litre for US market 0.75 litre | Alcohol content: 40%
Ingredients: grain distillates: rye, barley and corn matured 36 months in oak barrels
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Serving suggestion

Sieraków Barrel-finished can be served in wide whisky glasses, but traditional cognac glasses are strongly recommended as they concentrate the aromas, the vodka's character reflects the serene atmosphere of Sieraków Manor, a perfect companion for long relaxing conversations

Food pairing

this vodka goes well with deli meats, chocolate, cakes and very sweet desserts, however, it is best consumed alone for its own taste

Barrel-finished "Julip" style

50 ml of Dwór Sieraków Barrel-finished
8–10 fresh mint leaves
1–2 teaspoons of cane sugar
½ lime
blueberries, sliced strawberry, cinnamon and powdered sugar for garnish

Sieraków „Old Fashioned”

I – Grapefruit
50 ml of Dwór Sieraków Barrel-finished
1 sugar cube
8–10 drops of grapefruit bitters
a few drops of water
grapefruit peel for decoration

Sieraków Dessert

40 ml of Dwór Sieraków Barrel-finished
20 ml of Cynar
10 ml of almond syrup
10 ml of cinnamon syrup
1 teaspoon of orange marmalade
10 ml of lemon juice

Sieraków Negroni

30 ml of Dwór Sieraków Barrel-finished
30 ml of Campari
30 ml of vermouth rosso
lemon peel for decoration


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