Sieraków Manor

This Polish traditional vodka in the past was hand made by peasants or soldiers. Sugar was caramelized on the fire and mixed with spirits. Today Vodka Palona also is manufactured from spirit produced from the highest quality roasted grains, and completed with caramel and herbs additions, which give the vodka a delightful aroma of nuts, almonds, vanilla and tobacco. A strong sense of alcohol is balanced by sweetness of caramel on the palate. Later appears flavor of walnuts, cocoa, rosemary and other herbs, honey and biter chocolate. The long finish has an overtones of bitterness.

how to be served...

Grappa glasses are recommended. This strong alcohol tastes goes well with cigar. In food pairing vodka matches well with smoked meats. It can be served with rosemary chocolate which highlights the aroma of the drink.