In Sieraków, near Krakow, surrounded by gentle hills, there is an old manor house. Before the Second World War, the owner's beautiful daughter Danuta lived in the mansion. One warm spring morning in 1936 the household were visited by an old friend, brother-in- arms of the landlord, Colonel Boruta from the 5th Zasław's Uhlan Regiment. For him and Danuta it was love at first sight – after their first meeting they knew they were destined for one another....

Roast Grain Vodka

Palona Roast Grain Vodka is manufactured from spirit produced from the highest quality roasted grains, and completed with the addition of caramel and macerated herbs which give it a delightful aromas and flavours of cocoa, rosemary and other herbs, honey and bitter chocolate.

serving suggestion

in grappa or traditional cognac or whisky glasses at room temperature

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food pairing

this strong alcohol goes well with cigars, in food pairing, Palona is well-matched with smoked meats, it can be served with chocolate with rosemary which highlights the aroma of the drink

perfect gift...

Unique bottle of Palona Roast Grain Vodka is offered in luxury packaging