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Vodka Sierakow Manor Superior is produced using an old recipe from the Lesser Poland region associated with the Sieraków estate. Grain alcohol is complemented by the flavors of the Polish countryside: apple and plum alcohol as well as wild rose, raisins, vanilla and oats.

A combination of the clarity of pure vodka with a gentle touch of fruit. Both bottles are made of clear glass. The Jastrzebiec Coat of Arms appears on a wooden stopper covered with a silver cap. This vodka can also be purchased in a gift box.

Vodka Sierakow Manor Superior was awarded with the bronze medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2015 in London.

collector's bottles


"I was absolutely astonished by Vodka Sierakow Manor Superior and its excellent recipe, a definitely fruity aroma with baked apple and further notes of bonfire smoke. It has a sweet taste with strong notes of plum but also grain accents. The finish is sweet with chocolate-covered prunes and vanilla at the very end. This is a great product especially considering price relative to quality." – Łukasz Gołębiewski – xenna.com.pl

"Let me begin by stating that I do not like vodka at all. Therefore, I tried this novelty with reluctance, assuming that vodka is vodka and it can't be helped. And... surprise, surprise! The Vodka Sierakow Manor Superior turned out to be quite acceptable. What's more, I tried it again and again without any wincing or shivering. I couldn't believe it. The first vodka I can drink without being made to do so. Anyway, I will not become a vodka enthusiast but if there is a need to raise a toast, the only option for me is the Vodka Sierakow Manor Superior" – Piotr Suder –