premium vodka

Vodka based on grain alcohol and elderberry. This product has been enriched by the addition of fruit, spices and herbs. It has a dark cherry color. The first impression of sweetness in the nose is gently overridden by the bitterness of almonds. Opening up in the glass, this vodka releases aromas of custard, caramel, toast, smoke, and later, oak barrel. In the mouth it is full and dense with a dominant sweetness of dried plums and blackberries. Its deeply sensual flavour ideally suits desserts and completes a meal.

Vodka Sierakow Manor Elderberry was awarded with the silver medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2015 in London.



"The taste of Vodka Sierakow Manor Elderberry evokes a stroll through an orchard full of elderberry. The smell spreads through the nostrils like a sweet note of the best sweetness. The taste warms the palate and the tongue remembers this impression long after the tasting. Every drop of the spirit melts in the mouth." – Agnieszka Baran –

when it comes to chocolate there is only one choice..

Lindt Excellence Blueberry. . I did not hesitate for a moment. Vodka Sierakow Manor Elderberry dazzles with fruit. Indisputably; the elderberry dominates the alcohol. When reminiscing about the taste of this vodka one can come to the conclusion that it was not a vodka but an elderberry liqueur which could go with ice cream, desserts and sweets. I would also recommend it with meat and game. Because of notes of almond, Vodka Sierakow Manor Elderberry can perfectly complement the flavour of rich main courses. When choosing the flavors associated with chocolate I wanted to create harmony between the drink and the chocolate. Elderberry fruit and blueberry filling seem to be made for each other, but the chocolate emphasizes the taste and is the backbone of this combination. Please do not overdo the amount of vodka and chocolate and the joy of the composition will last for a long time! I strongly recommend it! – Artur Boruta –