This is a sweet dessert vodka with a deep ruby colour with intense flavours and aromas. Elderberries were held in high regard in folk medicine, and used in treatments for their curative features. In the countryside surrounding Sieraków Manor, the elderberry bushes thrive so well that they look like trees. Their small flowers are very ornate. "Bzówka" vodka was present in Sieraków Manor through the ages as an elixir for gloomy autumn and winter days.


serving suggestion

in tulip-shaped glasses or long-stemmed liquor glasses

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food pairing

ideally suits game, or desserts with chocolate, black fruits or ice-cream


"The taste of Vodka Sierakow Manor Elderberry evokes a stroll through an orchard full of elderberry. The smell spreads through the nostrils like a sweet note of the best sweetness. The taste warms the palate and the tongue remembers this impression long after the tasting. Every drop of the spirit melts in the mouth." – Agnieszka Baran