– limited edition

Vodka Sierakow Manor Barrel Aged is based on grain alcohol made of a rye, corn and malt barley extract. The vodka acquires a characteristic aroma of vanilla as a result of 36 months of ageing in oak barrels. The nose includes noticeable fruit accents of apples and pears. The beverage has a very pleasant light amber color. This vodka for connoisseurs is produced in limited quantities. It is a product for those who like to play with the tastes and aromas of various ingredients. The elegant tapered bottle is made of a thick glass, with a capacity of 0.7 litres, sealed with a wooden stopper. There is an image of Sierakow Manor on the label, a characteristic of the entire product range.

serving instructions...

Vodka Sierakow Manor Barrel Aged can be served in a wide whisky glasses but I strongly recommend traditional cognac glasses which concentrate the aromas. I am not a supporter of mixing this vodka with anything. Barrel aged vodka is an interesting and smooth composition of various flavours. It also goes well with cakes and very sweet desserts. However it is best consumed alone for its own taste. Its character reflects the serene atmosphere of Sierakow Manor. A perfect companion for long relaxing conversations.

Artur Boruta